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Re: Konqueror & SOCKS with Tor+Privoxy

Install Dante, configure Dante to use Tor, then configure Konqueror to
use Dante.

I could swear this used to be in the Hidden Wiki Torify How-to
somewhere, but since I can't find it now, here is my /etc/sockd.conf:

# Dante configuration file
route {
    from: to: via: port = 9050
    proxy-protocol: socks-v4

Note that it only supports socks-4, so far as I know, meaning your DNS
requests will be leaked, so you should still use privoxy, polipo or
3proxy for http/https/ftp.

I do believe Konqueror is quite secure.  It has site-by-site
permission management for cookies, Javascript, Java, plugins, and
browser identification, no extensions required.  It is also possible
to disable your referer, though more difficult, as Dr. No explained.