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Re: Hostname

On Tue, Jan 22, 2008 at 03:57:46PM -0600, Drake Wilson wrote:
> Quoth Khaled Moussa <khmoussa@xxxxxxxxx>, on 2008-01-22 23:42:33 +0200:
> > Is there a way for hiding the IP of host and ISP name from Tor network  
> > and TorStatus for security reasons?
> That's an extremely vague question.  IP of _what_ host, and for _what_
> reasons?

I believe this is about not to show up in the publicly available lists
(TorStatus) on blutmagie, kprog and others. 

> Anyway, based on my predicted disambiguation of your question, the answer
> is generally "no, Tor clients and relays cannot easily hide themselves
> from the Tor network".

Of course the network must know 'itself', so there is no point in hiding from 
the Tor network and in the same time being a member.

But if my assumption is correct, you might want to set up your node as a bridge.
These are not listed in the mentioned status lists. 


give hints how to do this.

>    ---> Drake Wilson