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Re: Child pornography blocking again

On 24/01/2008, Nils Vogels <bacardicoke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just a few thoughts on this:
> * Who would be the authority to decide what goes in the list and what
> doesn't?

The same directory authorities that distribute the list of Tor nodes.
Hopefully they would all agree, though obviously there would need to
be some mechanism to deal with disagreements, since they wouldn't all
get updated at the same time.  Presumably, it would be similar to an
occasion they disagree on Tor nodes.

> * How can you be sure that you are using the Authentic CP-List, instead of
> the one that comes from The Great Wall and contains whitehouse.gov?

You would simply have to trust the Tor directory authority operators.
If you don't trust them, I guess you wouldn't use their blacklist.  Or
do you mean, how do the directory authorities operators decide what
goes on the list?  I haven't really thought of that, but presumably
there are professional blacklist creators who are not working for the
Chinese government.

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