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Re: Child pornography blocking again

Kraktus kirjoitti:
On 24/01/2008, Ben Wilhelm <zorba-tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
* Cries of "you're blocking child porn, why not also block warez/hate speech/freenet/political propoganda that I don't like"

Warez is bad, but it hurts people's wallets,
Warez is bad? I disagree. Sharing is caring.

not innocent children, so
it's more of an economic crime than a crime against humanity.  In
other words, blocking child porn is more worth the effort.
are you seriously claiming distribution images ~ a crime against humanity?

so how about?


date: 07 february 2005
comments: 27x the.best.of.jihad.snuff beheading&shooting
format: wmv/real

3294790 american2.wmv
-- jack hensley in iraq

6545968 amraky.WMV
-- eugene armstrong in iraq

2200551 cj_9833.RAM
-- daniel pearl in pakistan

5566007 iraq2vediom.wmv
-- nick berg in iraq

5357890 KenBigley.rm
-- kenneth bigley in iraq

1421286 koria1.wmv
-- south korean kim sun-il in iraq

6180949 nz.rm
-- paul johnson in saudi arabia

5617330 pog0078.WMV
-- shosei koda in iraq


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