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答复: Can nickname be duplicate?

If just for visiting those banned website by local ISP, not too strong
anonymous preserving is required.
Censor systems is not very high-tech, it adopt mainly two method: first,
domain (or IP address) deny, that is to cut off the connection when your
HTTP require bound to those banned websites' IP which is listed in ISP's
server; second: "key-words" filter, ISPs keep a set of "key-words" mainly
refer to pornographic, political related subject; when any data stream that
contains these key-words pass through ISP, it will be cut off. Seriously, it
will reveal your IP to the ISP.

Before tor is available, people often used proxy located abroad their own
country to visit banned sites, but this was a unstable way, such proxy
server was hard to find, once one of these proxy become well-known, it would
soon be listed on the banned IP list of censor system. Furthermore, it
cannot avoid "key-words" filter if data streamed from client to proxy (or
vice-versa) is not encrypted.

The solution is a proxy without fixed IP and can also encrypt data, Tor is a
good tool! But we just need such a proxy, thus so many relays is not needed,
and such relays will slow down the speed of communication.

So, my idea is to find a way to get rid of relays, what I need is just exit
nodes abroad my country and other totalitarian governed regions, I've found
that generally one circuit contains three nodes when tor is used to browse
website, that is to say my data is encrypted for three times. In fact, to
me, one exit node with a high bandwidth abroad is enough.

Of course what I have said above does not necessarily fit every country. In
my country, as long as you do not spread out those banned information, the
police would not bother you just for the reason that you browse them
personally. To secure your safety, you must be familiar with the law in your
country and adopt according safety secure strategy.

If anyone knows how to do, please help me. Thanks!

Sincerely yours friends

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Florian Reitmeir wrote:
> FAQ:
> https://wiki.torproject.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorFAQ
> "4.10. Can I control what nodes I use for entry/exit?"
> ... We don't actually recommend you use these for normal use -- you get
> best security that Tor can provide when you leave the route selection to
> Tor ...

I seriously question this - at least in the context of evading
totalitarian censorship technology.

I think in such a situation, one would want to exclude nodes from their
own country; at the very least, they'd want to exclude such exit nodes.

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