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Re: Jailed/sandboxed/chrooted applications

Adlesshaven <adlesshaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Does anyone here jail, sandbox or chroot the applications they use with Tor?

I'm running Tor and Privoxy in FreeBSD jails,
Xorg applications (which probably pose a bigger thread)
are running on the host system, though.

> I have been trying to adapt the Wiki's transparent proxy recommendations
> to a FreeBSD jail for the last couple weeks with no luck.

I wrote about trans-proxy-tor running in a FreeBSD jail at:

The text is in German but the only thing that really matters is
the /etc/devfs.rules example to make /dev/pf visible in the jail.

Nowadays I use Tor's TransPort option instead of trans-proxy-tor,
but the configuration is pretty much the same.


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