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UseEntryGuards=0 overwrites EntryNodes


Tor version (r16744) on Linux is my client.

In the torrc:
  StrictEntryNodes 1
  EntryNodes commodore64
  UseEntryGuards 0

I get in the log:
Jan 06 17:20:43.736 [info] internal (high-uptime) circ (length 3, exit
Tonga): tibet108(open) anon1984n2(open) Tonga(open)

and other circuits, all excluding commodore64.

If UseEntryGuards = 1 (default), I don't get a connection (commodore64
is no guard yet):
Jan 06 17:26:23.816 [warn] Failed to find node for hop 0 of our path.
Discarding this circuit.
Jan 06 17:26:23.816 [info] onion_populate_cpath(): Generating cpath hop

It seems as if UseEntryGuards=0 overwrites StrictEntryNodes and

Is this behavior intentional? As I understood it, UseEntryGuards should
have lower priority than EntryNodes + StrictEntryNodes. If all is
configured, the guards should be picked from the EntryNodes. Especially,
as commodore64 even appears in the cached-descriptors file.

Thanks in advance,