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On Mon, Jan 05, 2009 at 01:24:44PM -0500, praedor@xxxxxxxxx wrote 1.3K bytes in 44 lines about:
: I have not been able to continuously run tor since  EVERY version 
: since fails to run continuously (,, and now  It 
: starts fine, it runs for a while, then simply stops running without any error 
: messages, nothing.  It just stops.
: What the hell has been changed in tor to so totally wreck it?  Perhaps core 
: parts of it should be left as they were in since that works 
: flawlessly.  I cannot detail the problem since there are no log entries to 
: show why it is failing.

Can you run tor in gdb or with info log level to see what's happening
just before it disappears?

I've installed mandriva in a virtual machine and been able to compile
and run tor without incident.  This points to something in your