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Re: redirect to meagpass.net while using Tor

On 1/13/09, John Brooks <special@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ...found a hit: 'apple' (2329 86CD 9605
> 56CD 8053 CBEC 47C1 8908 2B34 EF09) and seen at
> http://trunk.torstatus.kgprog.com/router_detail.php?FP=232986cd960556cd8053cbec47c189082b34ef09
> is
> redirecting my traffic to the same megapass.net location.

I can confirm that with

ExitNodes $232986CD960556CD8053CBEC47C189082B34EF09
StrictExitNodes 1

in torrc, I am redirected to

I added it to ignore nodes as suggested. Thanks for digging this up.