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Re: tor-browser bundle on XP

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 10:20 PM, mikel.anderson@xxxxxxxx
<mikel.anderson@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> ... it doesn't work on my limited-user accounts.  Specifically, the Vidalia control 
panel status reads, "connecting to a relay directory failed(no route to host)". 
 Is this due to the lack of administrator rights?

>the "no route to host" can be caused by many things, and may not be
impacting the ability for Tor to function.

>can you try running vidalia with notice or info loglevel to see if a
failure is reported?
  vidalia.exe -loglevel notice -logfile log.txt

Thanks coderman, but I'm not running from a command line.  I double-click the "Start Tor Browser.exe" icon in my Tor Browser folder.  This start Vidalia, TOR, Polipo, and a special version of firefox browser w/torbutton.  However,  I can access and save the message log from the vidalia control panel.  

>(don't send a full log to the list of course :)

Shall I attach the log file I saved or c&p it into my next reply?


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