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Re: setting up a TOR relay

> I would really like to know how these two memory requirements scale
> with BandwidthRate.   I'm teaching a course on embedded devices and as
> part of our class project we're porting tor-ramdisk to a mips board,
> probably the RB433AH.  This sounds like what you're trying to do.
> You may want to look at
>    http://opensource.dyc.edu/tor-ramdisk
>    http://opensource.dyc.edu/pub/tor-mipsel-ramdisk/      <- our very
> alpha port to a MIPS board
>    http://routerboard.com/   <- some of the boards we're looking at

Wow, RB433AH, this is exactly the board i want to buy!

Thanks for the info!

Maurizio Lombardi
OpenSolaris 2008.11
on x86_64