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Re: Questions about gathering information and statistics about the tor-network

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Hi Sebastian,

Sebastian Schmidt wrote:
>> Right, making data available might turn out to be difficult. I
>> haven't looked at specific frameworks, yet. One option would be to
>> integrate more graphics into TorStatus
>> (http://trunk.torstatus.kgprog.com/). Kasimir Gabert did a great
>> job displaying bandwidth histories for the past day, week, month,
>> and so on. Maybe these graphics can be extended, given that we have
>> good data to present.
> Yes but there are so many links you can make between different
> informations, you can't show them all on one page. I think a
> dynamicaly solution like giving one the possibilty to say: show me
> one single graph with the development of all exitnodes at all and all
> exitnodes in britain between this dates, would be pretty cool. If
> stator's ready does everything on the console and with gnuplot which
> I want I'm going to look further into this.

Yes, the existing TorStatus pages already contain enough information, so
this would mean adding more pages. I rather meant using and extending
the infrastructure of TorStatus to collect, store, and present data
about the Tor network. This extension could allow users to select what
data they are interested in and generate graphs for them. But to be
honest, I haven't looked into any technical realizations so far. It's
just an idea.

> As soon as it can be used by others I will make a public release of
> it. At the moment both apis need way more coding work to be used by
> others than me and aren't documented at all.

That looks great so far!

You shouldn't wait for the perfect time to make your code available --
there is no such time. Nobody expects your code to be perfect from the
beginning. You might consider putting it into the Tor SVN repository or
make it available at some other place. And of course: Commit early,
commit often!

Also, when your exams are done, you might want to hang out at #tor (if
you aren't there already). It's probably easier to discuss designs there
than filling the mailboxes of the people here. :)

- --Karsten

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