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"RequestPolicy": can people take a look at it?

Hi folks,

A smart security person pointed me to the "RequestPolicy" firefox
extension. I've had it on my todo list for a month but haven't found
time to look at it. Anybody here want to take a look, give it a spin,
decide if it solves an important problem, figure out how well it coexists
with Noscript and Torbutton, etc?


|RequestPolicy is the name of that clever Firefox add-on that will help
|to protect people from being easily tracked by google and other
|companies that have web elements on a large number of websites.
|I thought this may be a significant problem for
|Tor users and it seems like something important to address because
|these companies should in many cases be able to track users even as
|they change exit nodes and websites!
|Here is the link on mozilla's add-ons site:
|And here's the extension's own website (in development):