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[Polipo-users] Polipo moved back to PPS

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Dear all,

I've just moved the Polipo repository back to PPS.  In order to get the
upstream Polipo sources, you now need to do

  git clone git://git.wifi.pps.jussieu.fr/polipo

My branch is called ``master''; Chris's old branch is called
``polipo-chrisd'', and his last tree is tagged ``polipo-chrisd-20100330''.
Note that master has moved around; unless you fully understand what that
implies, I suggest you just clone yourself a new copy.

I'll be cherry picking the more reasonable of Chris's changes over the
next days, at which point I'll start working on getting 1.0.5 out the
door.  If you have any useful patches that fell into the cracks, next
week should be a good time to rebase them and send them again.

Tor folks -- would you be so kind as to remove the Polipo repository
From git.torproject.org, remove the Polipo project from Tor's bug
tracker, and make any mentions of Polipo in the tor wiki point at the
new location?

Thanks to all for your patience,


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