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[tor-talk] Tor bridge available over Hyperboria


[â]HyperGrundy[S] 2 points 29 minutes ago*

Sure! First a warning: Tor will leak your IPv4 internet address to clients using your bridge even if they are connecting only through cjdns, so don't set this up if you don't want your cjdns node's public internet IP to be freely available to other cjdns users. I'm hoping Tor will fix that eventually. :P

Here it is:

First, set yourself up a working cjdns node. I used a Debian box, so the details will reflect that.

Second, install the latest Tor on your node. Not the Tor Browser Bundle, that's a GUI client, you need just the server software. I used the information here to add the Tor repositories to my sources.list so that I always have it up to date and just ran "apt-get install tor". Links for other distros/OSes are on the left of that page, buy why would you want those when you can use Debian? :)

Third, edit the /etc/tor/torrc file to have these key lines:
SocksPort 0                #No socks proxy, this is a relay/bridge only

#You need this line to force Tor to bind to be aware of your internet IP, otherwise it won't be
#able to route out to the rest of the Tor network: (Tor should fix that)
ORPort <Your public internet IP> NoListen    #"NoListen" means that it won't actually listen for connections.

ORPort [<Your cjdns node IPv6 address in brackets>]:<port>    #Bind and listen for clients.

OutboundBindAddress <Your public internet IP>    # This line may not be necessary for you, I don't know.

ExitPolicy reject *:*            #Don't be an exit node (unless you *know* what you're doing!)

BridgeRelay 1                    #Gotta be a bridge, normal relays cannot route through on to cjdns (yet)

PublishServerDescriptor 0    #Private bridge (you don't want non-cjdns users trying to connect)

Fourth, restart Tor. ("/etc/init.d/tor restart" or your equivalent)
EDIT: Fucking code formatting won't fucking work?! There. Fuck. Apparently you can't use code formating and list formating at the same time. >:(
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