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[tor-talk] Gmail and Bitcoin? [OT]

Someone here, probably Mike, mentioned using monetary deposits for
gmail (etc) account creation and use bypassing requiring a phone
number or alternate email, or any other form of third party or
secondary affiliation.

Many on this list might argue those current requirements provide
undesired and untenable linkage.

Though the deposit thing might have merit. As long as you have a
sellable product or service, bitcoin isn't all that hard to come
by in an anon fashion. A $2 USD BTC deposit could be sent. Kept if
account closed for commercial spam/virus and DMCA. Returned when
user cancels account. But other than those two situations, and
absent legal order, google not be in a position to intervene
(nanny/'abuse') becaue it cannot properly adjudicate, so the deposit
would stay in all those such common other cases.

Those without bitcoin could physically mail in the currency, and
all deposits even be invested by google to pay for the part time
newbie needed to de-envelope and ack the account. Returns in this
anon mail-in case would go to a bitcoin address specified in the

The remaining option may be a series of captcha work reasonably
greater than the underpaid labor cost for per spam account.
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