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Re: [tor-talk] Mail service requires "java script enabled"

On 01/15/2013 06:57 PM, andre76@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> How do I enable javascipt while using Tor BB?
> Is it an addon?

Javascript should actually already be enabled. TBB comes with an add-on
called NoScript that blocks javascript except for for specific sites,
but it's default setting is to allow all javascript (NoScript has other
security advantages too).

So either NoScript is actually blocking javascript on yahoo.com and you
need to make an exception to allow it, or you've disabled javascript in
your Firefox preferences somehow.

If NoScript is the problem, when you go to mail.yahoo.com, you should
see the NoScript icon just to the left of the address bar. Click it for
options. There should be an option to "allow scripts globally" to set it
to the default TBB behavior, or at least "Allow yahoo.com" to just allow
javascript on yahoo.

If the problem is that you somehow disabled javascript in the browser
settings, you can click Edit -> Preferences, go to the Content tab, and
make sure "Enable JavaScript" is checked.

Micah Lee

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