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Re: [tor-talk] Stories of pwnage

On Tue, 15 Jan 2013, Joe Btfsplk wrote:

> Wow.  I don't understand over half of that, so it must be good (or
> really bad news?) - or something.  Just so I'm straight, which
> industry is failing?  The computer security industry?

yes I think whoever wrote that piece in ZFO #5 referred to the security
industry. I liked to quote that text since our pwners E.G.O. did refer
to the failure of the industry and the "Industry Check" text below is
the best piece I have on the topic, which is worth exploring, maybe
without another rant indeed :^)

personally I agree with most of it, excluding the rant against the full
disclosure, but then maybe I'm not enough into things to understand well
that dynamic, or they just went ranting too far out. who knows. hard to
ask them, since these people are good at keeping anonymity when they
wear a black hat ;^)

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