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Re: [tor-talk] [tor-dev] Open streams on the fly

>>> I think tor lacks an isolation flag which specifies to isolate each and
>>> every stream, even those going to the same address and port.
>> I see, tor already implements such a flag, ISO_STREAM.

I attached a simple formal proposal for this idea. Please discuss.
Filename: prop.txt
Title: Total stream isolation
Author: Benjamin Lincoln
Created: 21-Jan-2013
Status: Open


   We propose to add a new option to unconditionally isolate streams from one
   another, forcibly putting them on separate circuits.


   We believe that there is need for total separation of stream, ultimately
   allowing users to communicate to the same destination via different streams
   which are not linkable to each other.  Implementation of this proposal
   simplifies the maintenance of multiple virtual identities, because total
   isolation ultimately defers stream link ability.


    We propose to add another isolation flag, IsolateStream.
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