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Re: [tor-talk] privacy-minded, cost-effective ISPs for a low-traffic piece of infrastructure

On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 02:38:11AM -0800, Linux Foundation wrote:

>   I do recommend you one cool hosting provider - http://hosting.wedos.com
> His offer is very comfortable, good prices and if your offer on the page doesn't suit you exactly, you can settle more details individually. They're open to do the best for their customers.

Thanks -- I can more or less decipher that. However, while the Czech Republic,
is laissez-faire in some aspects I'm not aware of it being a data privacy
haven the same way Iceland is.

See e.g. 


> Really, give it a try. They're reliable, can speak English.
> As I can see now, their pages are not in English. Use google translator (translate.google.com) if needed and/or contact them directly, contacts are on the page as well.
>   Turn to EUR prices in upper right corner on their page. The prices is 'IMHO' very nice ;-)
> Hope, you will like it.
> Goodluck !
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