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Re: [tor-talk] tor crashing: [err] circuit_build_times_get_xm(): Bug: circuitbuild.c:803: circuit_build_times_get_xm: Assertion bin_counts > 0 failed; aborting

On 2013-01-31 23:04, Mike Perry wrote:
> Bleh. I'm guessing your circuit build times data is somehow
> degenerate/corrupted. Perhaps you ran out of disk space and the state
> file got truncated?

disk has enough free space and there is also a lot of free ram.
I cannot say anything about state file because now is everything ok.

> If you can reproduce the issue reliably, can you perhaps send us the
> results of something like 'grep "Build" /var/lib/tor/state'? Private
> email is fine.

I tried restarting it twice but there were problems.

> Don't ever publish the entire state file though: it is dangerous to your
> hidden services' anonymity.

I will inform you if it occurs again.


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