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Re: [tor-talk] please advise on renting a gigabit capable dedicated server

Hardware: everything in the range of a Intel E3 1230 with 16 GB RAM can
saturate a gigabit connection.
Where to rent: may take a look at hosteasy.eu they have 1 gbit unmetered
for 300€ and last time i used them they were Tor friendly (and don't
host a large amount of relays atm). Ask them before odering if they are
ok with hosting a Tor exit.

Christopher Yeager:
> Hi tor users, my coworkers and I are considering getting together to
> run a gigabit exit relay and are curious if you all have advice as to
> the best place to go shopping for a server with 1gbps dedicated
> bandwidth in a location that is helpful to the network. Someone on irc
> pointed me to this list, but I'm happy to ask on another if it would
> be more appropriate. Thanks in advance!
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