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[tor-talk] documentation for Windows users

I began using Tor a couple of years ago, not so much because I needed a
secure client as because I wanted to help the network by running a
bridge. At the time I jumped in I was running Windows. I'm still running
Tor on that OS.

It was very easy to set up a bridge. However it was a long struggle to
understand how the bridge was supposed to be working and how I might
track its behavior. Vidalia is no longer integrated into the browser,
and portable transports & different tracking mechanisms have come in.

I think my difficulties arose mostly because (1) the documentation is
oriented toward linux users, and (2) some of the documentation hasn't
yet caught up with the improvements and elaborations. For a while I've
been wanting to review the documentation and propose some changes.

I have a day job, and though the documentation has been nagging at me
I'm not sure when I'll be able to get to it. But the first thing would
be to ascertain whether there are enough Windows client/bridge users to
make the project worthwhile. So I'm here are asking for any of the
following stats:

1. What percentage of Tor users are running it on Windows?

2. What percentage of the Windows users run a client only?

3. What percentage run solely or mostly a bridge or bridges?

(That is, in 2 & 3 I'm trying to get a sense of the overlap of Windows
clients and bridges, which would influence any documentation I might
come up with.)

Thanks for any help and comments - eliaz
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