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[tor-talk] Question about linux-tor-prio.sh

I've recently set up a Tor node but bandwidth is running out quickly :)
Since I don't want to throttle BW using Tor's options (which basically turns it down) I'd like to limit speed, so I found the suggested script above.
I tuned config to fit my needs (my VPS has 1Mb/s speed) this way:

TOR_UID=$(id -u debian-tor)
# RATE_UP must be less than your connection's upload capacity in
# kbits/sec. If it is larger, then the bottleneck will be at your
# router's queue, which you do not control. This will cause congestion
# and a revert to normal TCP fairness no matter what the queing
# priority is.
# RATE_UP_TOR is the minimum speed your Tor connections will have in
# kbits/sec.  They will have at least this much bandwidth for upload.
# In general, you probably shouldn't set this too low, or else Tor
# users who use your node will be completely choked out whenever your
# machine does any other network activity. That is not very fun.
# RATE_UP_TOR_CEIL is the maximum rate allowed for all Tor trafic in
# kbits/sec.

AVG_PKT=900 # should be more like 600 for non-exit nodes

But when I start the script, after some time the Atlas page reports a 125kb/s bandwidth for my node.

Am I configuring it wrong or what?
Lorenzo Milesi - lorenzo.milesi@xxxxxxxxxx

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