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Re: [tor-talk] Fox News bans my Tor Browser

You're probably the only one viewing that site using Tor. That would
explain why you didn't have any problem at first. Now they've noticed.
It might be the changing exit node from new identity. Some exits get
listed in well known blacklists. Then the site operators start to pay
attention and they block using session data even for the
non-blacklisted exits. This poses a problem for you because as soon as
your exit changes the site may block.

You might try adding TrackHostExits to your torrc-defaults. Then you
just need to find an exit that works. You might also try AllowDotExit.

torrc-defaults located in /Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor

-- leeroy

Juris - torservers.net wrote:Hi,

it seems that Fox doesn't like Tor users.
You could try it with a new identity, cause not every exit is blocked.
I was successful after a while.

Or stop reading Fox crap ;)

Juris Vetra

Am 15.01.2015 um 19:08 schrieb Rocky_Tor:
> Hello Tor-Talk,
> Fir  about two weeks I get a '404 Access Denied' whenever I try to
> foxnews.com  using  this  Tor  browser. Didn't used to have any
> problems with it.
> 31.3.0 TB 4.5 alpha 2
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