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Re: [tor-talk] Craigslist now blocking all Tor IPs? Template for anyone:

On 01/20/2015 12:13 AM, grarpamp wrote:
>> This IP has been automatically blocked.
>> If you have questions, please email:
>> blocks-b1417151083131383@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> minor update while looking at some popular
> sites...
> Considering this one encodes epoch time of
> block in first ten digits, one could discern
> some policy by parsing the string each
> exit sees to find blocking time distribution.
> For instance this one seems long 53 days.
> Maybe multiple same epoch or last part of
> strings will be found repeated across exits
> as if part of an event. Leading key letter and last
> 7 digits (3 which maybe millisecond) may also become
> clearer. No, I never heard back from various questions
> made as clearly invited to do above. Shame.
> They make hard for people to patronize their site, o well.

I recall Craigslist blocking Tor in September.

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