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Re: [tor-talk] Yelp blocking Tor users from viewing entire site

On Tue, 27 Jan 2015 06:28:45 -0800, Öyvind Saether <oyvinds@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

you can't read their website anonymously. If they were blocking http(s)
POST requests then that would be another story. As someone who has a
bunch of websites myself I do have some understanding as to why someone
would block http(s) POST but simply denying people access to read your
website anonymously is going way further.

This ^^^!!

on that topic, if someone has a big list of every site out there which uses Cloudflare to
DOS attack all visitors coming from Tor then feel free to send it my


Only one I'm aware of so far, but there has to be a better (automated!) way to compile a list of all the Cloudflare crippled sites

If you do the twitter thing you can give the Cloudflare team some direct feedback about their DOS malarkey here: https://twitter.com/grittygrease/status/557309607819743233
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