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Re: [tor-talk] Tor -> VPN Clarification

This image explains VPN + tor quite well;


IMO this setup is a pretty sensible idea given the recent de-anonymisation attacks (e.g. CMU). If your Tor connection gets comprimised, all the Feds have (hopefully) is your VPN IP.

The best way to set this up is VPN at a router level (e.g. http://wiki.hidemyass.com/OpenWRT_OpenVPN_Setup), then run Tails or Tor browser on your laptop.

On 30/01/15 10:15, Cyrus wrote:

Relative newbie here, and I was wondering if someone could help me with
something please. I keep seeing people describing connections to the Tor
and is VPN connections in the following two ways:

Tor -> VPN
VPN -> Tor

So if I fire up Tunnelblick, connect to my VPN provider and then open
TBB which of the above does this describe?  And also, is there a
recommended way of connecting these two technologies?
You connect to Tor through the VPN in this case.

PC <=> Internet <=> VPN server <=> Internet <=> Tor Network <=> Internet

Another thing I've noticed is in the Tunnelblick client that there is an
option to connect to a Socks5 proxy, this suggests to me that I can send
the VPN connection through the Tor network.  But I am confused as to why
one would want to do this, and what the benefits/disadvantages might be?
If you don't want a log of your actual IP, doing this would be a
benefit. Though if they already have logged where you are once as a
customer, the point of this is moot. If you had a different account, you
could then use the VPN anonymously.
Really appreciate any help you guys could give me!


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