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[tor-talk] Torified Mobile Experience


Nathan Freitas:
for now the idea of booting a TAILS-like experience from
an SD or USB drive is still not widely practical.

SD Cards work quite well for flashing...I am unfamiliar with any downsides to this experience; will you expand on your statement?

Tails-like reservations I do have are with the "Amnesic" functionality, as virtual RAM seems to be the only way to achieve this on Android, and I am unfamiliar with the limitations of actually doing so.

Y'all already have LUKS for Android, and "Live" is more or less perception-based, so it doesn't seem that far off, especially if the intended thoroughness of ioerror's work is adopted; what does everything really do, and so on.

A few more related, interesting ideas:

AOSP instead of CM; good move, though it isn't apparent why only the two Nexus devices are supported; AOSParadox tries to address this, it seems.


This is cool as a complete effort; the full Hardware:hardware:Software:Firmware stack, and all, but requires quite the old operational try, one my Dad ain't too fond of.

been thinking about whether Android is the
best solution to build upon, or if we should look towards booting TAILS
on Windows Mobile hardware

Are there documented attempts with Windows mobile devices? I am not familiar with success at doing much of anything in this respect with the N900 or its nicer counterpart, the N9.

(Qubes Mobile?)

This can be part of the experience on any platform, really.

maybe something based on Pi Zero or Project CHIP device.

The current size is limiting for current Tails experiences, though I am sure that will quickly change; Pi Zero has a SD slot, for example. intrigeri might have more to say.

Thanks for keeping hope alive, and keeping the interest going

Of course :)


This wasn't clear or easily locatable; will you point?


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