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[tor-talk] What is "cookie protections"?

Dear list,

I'm experimenting with moving all my daily web browsing to the Tor
Browser Bundle on Linux. For this use case, I've disabled the "Don't
record browsing history or website data" check box in the Privacy and
Security Settings dialog. (The reason is that I wanted to have the
option to stay logged in on a few key websites.)

There's only one potential danger I see here - cookies. (Of course
there's also the danger of someone stealing my browsing history from my
hard drive, but this is not in my threat model for now.)

This is why I'd like to understand what is the "Cookie protections"
dialog about. It's not clear to me what these "protections" do and how
they are meant to be used. I suspect it may be something like a cookie
white list, allowing one to mark certain cookies as protected and purge
all the other cookies (exactly what I'd need for my use case), but I may
be wrong.

I couldn't find any info on it. Can someone clarify?


P.S. I also have some other questions about tweaks to TBB for the "main
browser" use case, I'll ask them later to keep things clean.
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