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Re: [tor-talk] Help me secure my setup

Why do you absolutely want to route all your traffic through your VPN ?
You want to hide to your ISP the fact you use Tor ?

From my point of view,  secure  (no security possible without clean 
specification of your threat model) network will be gateway of your network 
with strong firewall allowing only output to known Tor node (with iptables and 
ipset for example), and one Tor client per computer with all your TCP traffic 
forwarded to TransPort, DNS traffic to DNSPort and UDP traffic blocked.

Because you say your VPN connection is not trustable, you canât send plain 
traffic inside, so you absolutely need Tor client side.
And then, unless you have to hide Tor to your ISP, you donât need VPN at all.
If you want to hide Tor to your ISP, just forward all Tor connection from your 
gateway through your VPN (I donât take time to study the security of doing 
this, perhaps other people here will find troubles).

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