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Re: [tor-talk] transparent tor routers

On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 1:14 AM, Markus Hitter <mah@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> - Typical ISP plans have ridiculously low upstream rates, at least here
> in Germany. For example a popular DSL contract is 16 Mbit downstream,
> but only 1 Mbit upstream. To operate a relay or gateway the lower of
> both numbers matters, so one can offer only one Mbit.
I'm only talking about exit nodes at the moment. A relay feature could be
provided as opt-in, if the upstream is high enough.

- Why do you see a need for dedicated hardware? An off the shelf router
> running OpenWRT works just fine. Install the tor package, edit torrc and
> it works.

Because that just works for it savy people. How many are there around you?

> - One thing is indeed missing: up to date Tor packages for OpenWRT.
Their current stable release comes with Tor, several versions
> behind what the Tor project offers.
I will have to check if we are already building newer versions.

> In case you want to have a look (my plan is 20/1 Mbit cable):
> https://globe.torproject.org/#/relay/C1B80BA2D97C33851DE08FD061F531A129705988
> Did an upgrade on Jan 4th and forgot to backup the keys, so data
> currently goes only 2 weeks back. Graphs weren't much better with the
> previous keys, over a whole year only 2 or 3 days actually forwarding
> some TCP packages.
Being curious I will indeed have a look.
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