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Re: [tor-talk] hackerone


charfeddine hamdi:
> hi
> i found some security issue and vulnerability in your site

You mean on our website?

> and i read in article you have a private bug bounty program on hackerone.com
> and i want to report this issue and vuln to you

We don't have a good means currently for dealing with vulnerabilities in
our website, alas. If you think the one you found is too sensitive to
talk about in an unecrypted mail, feel free to send me an encrypted one
and I try to figure out the person that might want to look at it.

> Please , if you can invite me to your bug bounty program

Well, the program is currently only for core Tor and the Tor Browser.
The website is not included. That said, if you still want to get
invited, contact me off-list.


> my username : charfee
> email : charfe3@xxxxxxxxx
> and thanks

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