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Re: [tor-talk] trusting .onion services

++ 16/01/16 15:20 -0700 - Mirimir:
>> Or, to rephrase it: how can a user reliably determine the .onion address
>> for a given entity without relying on the flawed CA system and without
>> the entity having a lot of visibility?
>I GnuPG sign pages on http://dbshmc5frbchaum2.onion and have the public
>key online in four other independent places. I recommend that users
>first verify that all five places provide the same public key. Then they
>can verify that the signatures are valid.

Yes. That sounds like a nice setup - however, with all respect, not one 
that will be adopted in a safe way by the majority of the people. It is 
not "broadly accessible". I like it a lot that sites like Facebook are 
accessible as a .onion-service as it will make these kind of security 
accessible to a broad group of people, including those with a less 
strong technical background. They (no, we all!) should have more 
accessible means to verifying the ownership of a .onion-address.

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