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Re: [tor-talk] Scripted installer of Tor and more being worked on at GitHub, ya may want to sit down for this...

On 1/19/16, Michael <strangerthanbland@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Salutations Tor,
> I've something special to share with you all; regardless of if you're a node
> operator, hidden service provider, client or completely new to Tor
> installation and configurations... in short... a script pack aimed to
> install and configure the previously listed node types and then a little
> more.
> https://github.com/S0AndS0/Perinoid_Linux_Project

interesting; thank you!

> ... Feel free to ask questions,

i did not see a way for general preferance of control socket, socks
socket, etc, over IP:Port in configs. this would be useful, but also
need graceful fallback as older Tor versions do not support socket
type for some services...  [codespelunking continues]

best regards,
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