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[tor-talk] Escape NSA just to enter commercial surveillance?

Hi Tor Talkers,

> Unless ofc you block javascript, but no human being
> can solve the Cloudflare captchas you get without javascript, so
> disabling javascript is pretty much non-existing.

There is a chance to circumvent the captcha thing with Tor. In former days you simply had to add
ExitNodes {**}
StrictNodes 1
on Tor "torrc-file". Nowadays it is only
ExitNodes {**}
while the 2nd lane was already included in my last update of Tor.
StrictNodes 1

=> legend: ** = Country Code like "SO 3166-2" e.g. us = United States
=> be sure to save the file after editing and close Tor before using it 
=> perhaps there also was a lane like ExitNodes {us} per default

When you get to solve a captcha you might only click on the onion icon in the browser upper left corner to select "New Tor Circuit for this Site", occasionally you have to click more often.
It also helps to visit the site another day or with another country code.

With the Add-on "NoScript" in the upper left side you can set [x]Forbid Java and choose which script level you want to allow for ever single site. When you get used to it, you don't want to miss it, the sites are faster, less commercials pop up...
And after all you have the possibility to solve the captcha...for some it is really a test for eyes and ears to be human/not a robot :)
When the captcha is better designed more people would solve them voluntary.

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