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Re: [tor-talk] Warning: 37 new booby trapped onion sites


> If somebody hosts a dark website, that doesn't have a verifiable external way 
> to lookup their URL, then the only way you can verify them is to talk with a 
> bunch of other people, web-of-trust style. Which also has a bunch of ways it 
> can be undermined.

That's true. You have to trust the source(s) of the URL.

> In any event, Juha, in your list, how do you know which ones are real and 
> fake?

I compared my real ahmia (msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion) to the fake one. I
scanned them and detected the difference. The fake ahmia changes URLs to
point to fake services.

BTW, the attacker removed the fake version of Ahmia! It seems that the
attacker didn't like my active countermeasures.

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