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[tor-talk] Tor relay and IPv6


Iâm running a Tor relay (non-exit node, version Since my system is having IPv6 connectivity I tried to activate IPv6 in Tor.

I changed the torrc and added the following lines (after some instructions found on the list):

ORPort [IPv6 IP]:9001
ExitPolicy reject6 *:*
ClientUseIPv6 1

ânetstat -tanp6 | grep 9001â shows the open port but only one connection (IPv4 has much more). The program arm is only showing IPv4 connections.

The port 9030 is only bound to the IPv4 address but I think that is as it should be (configuration line is âDirPort 9030â).

The IPv6 firewall is open for the ports 9001 and 9030.

Am I doing something wrong?

Shade and sweet water!


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