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[tor-talk] Using VPN less safe?


Thank you for your thoughtful response (:

Paul Syverson:
diversity of trust

This has no definition that I could quickly find. It is an anthropological area of research, though, such as inquiring into how trust works in diverse communities, with more research needed.

this does not mean 'let the Tor Project or... select a
route and hand it to you'.

Why not. I am forced to update [0], unless I never close this session. This tactic is more aggressive than Windows 10 upgrades ):

This approach degrades trust. How am I then expected to trust that other things won't function the same?


Means try through experience.

have thought about

My snips show lack of experience and trying; thought experiments can only go so far:

Tor Project FAQ Snip:
undefined and potentially unsafe behavior ...
it is not clear if this is safe ...
it has never been discussed ...
we don't understand ...

configuration settings so you can do differently...
informed a choice as possible and understand
what the issues are

Where is the education for this located? I would love to know more. The development trend seems to be to hide complexity instead of educate.

This is not ready for deployment for everybody's Tor
clients to do their own trust-aware route selection.

Why, are they not trusted?

understand how diverging from the pack will affect you.

It seems that this falls into the realm of responsibility of the Tor Project. What information is there sitting around waiting to be restructured into a consumable bite that could help people understand what the experience is really?


[0]: Torprosoft.png

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