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Re: [tor-talk] [tor-dev] Need to know if this is a bug

> On 30 Jan 2016, at 05:35, Siddhartha De <siddhartha.de87@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear all ,
> I just found out that the tor.exe included in the Tor Browser ( ver 5.5 ) for Windows bundle ( Tor ver ) does not support TransPort and TransListenAddress ... The error message given was :-
> Jan 29 23:16:24.129 [warn] Failed to parse/validate config: TransPort and TransListenAddress are disabled in this build.
> Jan 29 23:16:24.129 [err] Reading config failed--see warnings above.
> Is this a deliberate design consideration or a bug â

From the Tor manual page:

" TransPort requires OS support for transparent proxies, such as BSDs' pf or Linux's IPTables."

It's disabled because there's no Windows transparent proxy implementation in Tor. That's likely because Windows has no OS support for transparent proxies.

> If we keep the tor.exe of both the browser bundle and expert bundles synced I think it would be easier for users who would like to use Tor both as a browser as well as a Transparent Proxy .

You might be looking for VirtualAddrNetworkIPv4 or VirtualAddrNetworkIPv6, which is a non-transparent proxy, as it requires the network's IP addresses to be reconfigured.

Alternately, some combination of DNSPort and SOCKSPort is another non-transparent proxy option for applications with SOCKS proxy support.

Oh, and please don't cross-post to multiple lists. Answering on tor-dev and tor-talk so people know the question has been answered.


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