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Re: [tor-talk] Govt Dismissing Darknet Cases due to State Secrets, Illegal Actions, Etc

On 10/01/17 08:30 PM, grarpamp wrote:
Rather than disclose the source code that the FBI used to target a
child porn suspect, federal prosecutors in Tacoma, Washington recently
dropped their appeal in United States v. Michaud.
The case is just one of 135 federal prosecutions nationwide involving
the Tor-hidden child porn website Playpen. The vast effort to bust
Playpen has raised significant questions about the ethics, oversight,
capabilities, and limitations of the government’s ability to hack
criminal suspects.

Does this mean that the Tor community has likely not yet found the vulnerability(s) that were exploited in Tor or TorBrowserBundle?

Could some public interest organization sue the FBI for failing to prosecute offenders and failing to protect the public by sitting on security vulnerabilities? This seems an example of national cyber warfare interests (or surveillance obsession) vs the public good.

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