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Re: [tor-talk] TBB Firefox 60.4 missing custom color widget?

In TBB 8.0.4 / Fx 60.4.0esr (Linux), There's
no "custom colors" button to open a custom color widget.
I checked the latest *ESR* Firefox 60.4 & it ALSO doesn't have a "select / create a CUSTOM color" widget or tool.  Haven't researched if leaving it out of ESR versions is intentional.  In regular Fx, this tool is still found under Preferences / General / Fonts & Colors / "Colors" button.  Click any of the 4 color samples (boxes) on the Fx Colors page, to popup the "custom color wheel."

It no longer has spaces to store custom colors in the same UI for creating custom colors.

If you need to save many custom colors for browser themes, web design, etc., AND save a color sample, it could be done in many word processors by adding a table, or in a spreadsheet.

In LibreOffice & OpenOffice, insert a table in a new document with at least 2 columns. Create the custom color in regular Fx or apps / websites with custom color generators & copy the hex or RGB color code into the table. For the color sample of each value, use the word processor or spreadsheet's *background color* option, for the cell beside the color code.

There should be a "select custom background color" option (tool), where a custom color value is entered & shows a small sample. Apply the custom BG color to the selected cell in the table or spreadsheet.

Here's an interesting "colors comparison site," that gives all sorts of data for using 2 colors, as in text on background. https://snook.ca/technical/colour_contrast/colour.html

On 12/30/18 5:55 PM, Joe wrote:
In TBB 8.0.4 / Fx 60.4.0_Linux, under Prefs / fonts & colors / colors,
there's only the pre-set 7 x 10  grid of colors to select from.  There's
no "custom colors" button to open a custom color widget.

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