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Re: [tor-talk] Status of Torrent on Onion in 2019

> On 1/1/19, Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) - lists <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> a volounteer-non-profit
>> collaborative torrent forum/site with their future-looking upgrades of
>> infrastructure.
>> I would love them to bring all their public forum
>> and public tracker on Onion,
>> while exporting their +160k releases database as open-data so
>> that Torrent Search sites and Torrent Software with incorporated Torrent
>> Search could use it.

Examples of indexes / forums:


The minimum fields for export / web presentation in any index / forum
/ dump are:
key: infohash  data: title

Other data, including that contained in legacy .torrent files,
is secondary metadata to primary search and retrieval.

As seen in above examples, even the title fields are
rarely conformant to any minimal spec or format,
and are often childish... so as to make search and
downstream use more difficult and bloated.
Those having control over titles on their own releases,
lint over databases, or operating insertion API's,
should try to please the most picky of librarians.

Some projects are also now using blockchains as
bittorrent search and insertion indexes.

News of one, albeit centralized, twist on that...
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