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Re: [tor-talk] Detective Conan Japanese Cartoon Advertising Tor For Criminal Activity

On Tue, 08 Jan 2019 03:37:00 +0000
bo0od <bo0od@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Detective Conan (named as case closed in America) which considered to be
> the most famous cartoon in Japan.They produced a Movie in April,2018
> named as "Zero the Enforcer" they mentioned stuff related to Tor Project
> but in different ways, here is the comparison between the Movie and
> Torproject regarding phrases,icons,values..etc:

If you want to see a more neutral/positive portrayal, watch Zankyou no Terror
(Terror in Tokyo).

In episode 2 protagonists used Tor to upload a video anonymously. Later on it
is mentioned by the actual name (none of the "Nor" b/s): "When they accessed
the Internet they used an anonymity software called Tor, so it is effectively
impossible to determine their IP address" (at 04:33).

And it's a good show overall.

With respect,
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