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National IP-Blocks and OR


GEMA asks (german) Providers to block websites

The german Society for musical production and reproduction rights (GEMA) asks 
42 german access providers to block multiple websites. These are portals that 
offer links to film and music files for the P2P protocol eDonkey, the german 
language sites Eselfilme, Goldesel, Saugstube, Audio-Esel and Power-Portal.



While it would be a mistake to advertise OR as a tool to circumvent this 
(http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20050627130232598), at the moment 
it is completely random if a user of OR is subject to such a ban or not.

Such IP blocks are usually byproducts of national legislation. Would it be 
useful to include the nationality of a node as part of its family declaration 
and select preferred exit nodes based on them being in a certain nationality 
family or not being in them?


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