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Re: Tor and https

Will get onto your privoxy advice. Do you think privoxy is important given that we are dealing with IPs and not domain names. Although, something like this - is this counted as an IP entity or as a domain: ?

If dealing with IPs it is my understanding that the DNS problems are not an issue with Tor and Privoxy is not so important.

Just found the problem with Plesk and changing IP due to Tor - i keep getting logged out of PLesk! Is there any way around this?

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On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, Ben Clifford wrote:

> My situation now stands as:
> 1) I can get Plesk working with Tor - it was not working before because I
> had javascript turned off!! Have now turned it on - lose a bit of security
> but if that is what it takes to get it to work.
> 2) I cannot get Plesk working with Tor AND privoxy. Privoxy seems to cause
> problems. Can anyone explain why? Do I need privoxy in this instance as I
> am feeding an IP address and not a domain name:

Check the privoxy docs on 'limit-connect'.

weasel@danube:~$ grep -C1 '^.limit-connect' /etc/privoxy/default.action
-kill-popups \
+limit-connect{1-} \
+prevent-compression \

works for me.
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