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help, leaking DNS-requests with firefox and privoxy-tor

I thought i have set up the firefox -> privoxy -> tor chain as instructed, but 
still, i am leaking DNS-requests.
On http://www.showmyip.com i get tor-server ips like or or ...

BUT with etheral  i still see communication with the dns server i set 
in /etc/resolv.conf:

 DNS Standard query A www.showmyip.com
 DNS Standard query response A

What could i have done wrong? I am a bit lost. My setup follows, if you need 
more infos please ask

thanks in advance for any ideas, joerg

running on debian unstable:

+firefox version 1.0.4

proxy settings:
HTTP Proxy: Port: 8118
SSL Proxy: Port: 8118
No Proxy for: localhost,


privoxy version 3.0.3
/etc/privoxy/config i added the line
forward-socks4a / .

/var/log/privoxy :
Listening on port 8118 for local connections only
Request: www.showmyip.com/


 [notice] Tor opening new log file.
 [notice] Tor has successfully opened a circuit. Looks like it's working.