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Re: Policy question

On Sat, Jul 30, 2005 at 02:40:50PM +0200, SK wrote:
> However I want to have my other machines (laptops, home PCs etc.) to
> use this OR of mine as an exit or entry node for paranoid safety
> reasons.

Using a your own node as an entry node seems OK. There is some debate
as to whether this helps or hinders security but it shouldn't be too
bad. Using your own node as an exit node sounds risky. This means that
anyone who sees (non Tor) traffic coming from this node knows that it
is from you. He can't know which of your computers did it, but I don't
see what advantage using Tor gives you over a normal Socks proxy.

> As you rightly pointed out ORs acting as exit nodes can't know the IP
> address of the OP, but the entry node OR should be able to know the IP
> address of the OP. So can I in some way config my OR to act as entry
> point for my list of OPs (identified by IP addresses), but as
> middleman for all the other cases?

A middleman node can be the first OR on the route through Tor, so
setting this as your entry node should work at the moment. From the
perspective of the OR, it cannot (easily) tell whether a connection
coming in is from an OP or from another OR. Setting "reject *.*"
prevents an OR from being the last hop, but it can be in any other

Hope this helps,

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