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Gentoo forums and Tor

Dear Sir,

We understand that Tor users have been blocked from using the Gentoo
forums. Although we are saddened that you have felt that this was
necessary we have had a report from at least one node operator that he
is blocked even though his node cannot exit on port 80. Tor nodes can
be configured as to what traffic they will allow to exit (to the wider
world) through them. Clearly nodes which don't exit to port 80 cannot
be used to abuse web forums.

The FAQ on blocking Tor nodes can be found here and includes a link to
a Python script which can be used to parse the Tor directory:

Also, please consider allowing Tor users read-only access to the
forums if this is possible.

If you have any questions please contact myself or the Tor mailing list (cc'ed)

Thank you,

Adam Langley                                      agl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
http://www.imperialviolet.org                       (+44) (0)7906 332512
PGP: 9113   256A   CC0F   71A6   4C84   5087   CDA5   52DF   2CB6   3D60