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Re: low bandwidth utilization

On Mon, Jul 03, 2006 at 03:52:08PM +0200, Peter Palfrader wrote:

> Don't give away the coredumps.  They are likely to contain your private
> identity key among other things.
> Please install the tor-dbg package (from the same apt repository from
> where you got your binary), and install gdb.
> Then 'gdb /usr/sbin/tor core.32686' and run 'bt' and send that output
> our way.  Hold on to the core file for a while, there might be questions
> about variable values and whatnot.
> (On Jun 15 you were already running, right?)
> For the older cores we would have to get the binaries and debugging
> symbols to the Tor that created the dumps.  Let's wait with that until
> we can see if the latest bt is useful.

Allright, I do have a useful core this time:

Program terminated with signal 6, Aborted.
#0  0x401f17c7 in raise () from /lib/tls/libc.so.6
(gdb) bt
#0  0x401f17c7 in raise () from /lib/tls/libc.so.6
#1  0x401f306b in abort () from /lib/tls/libc.so.6
#2  0x08083690 in dns_resolve (exitconn=0x84957e0) at dns.c:181
#3  0x0806b221 in connection_exit_begin_conn (cell=0xbffff62c, circ=0x40769808) at connection_edge.c:1664
#4  0x0808d350 in connection_edge_process_relay_cell (cell=0xbffff62c, circ=0x40769808, conn=0x0, layer_hint=0x0)
    at relay.c:902
#5  0x0808db58 in circuit_receive_relay_cell (cell=0xbffff62c, circ=0x40769808, cell_direction=2) at relay.c:169
#6  0x0805b5de in command_process_cell (cell=0xbffff62c, conn=0x8e6e508) at command.c:320
#7  0x0806f1dc in connection_or_process_inbuf (conn=0x8e6e508) at connection_or.c:806
#8  0x08065bca in connection_process_inbuf (conn=0x20fb, package_partial=1) at connection.c:1914
#9  0x08068072 in connection_handle_read (conn=0x8e6e508) at connection.c:1232
#10 0x08089139 in conn_read_callback (fd=309, event=2, _conn=0x8e6e508) at main.c:405
#11 0x401c2c79 in event_base_priority_init () from /usr/lib/libevent-1.1a.so.1
#12 0x401c2f65 in event_base_loop () from /usr/lib/libevent-1.1a.so.1
#13 0x401c2dcb in event_loop () from /usr/lib/libevent-1.1a.so.1
#14 0x401c2cb0 in event_dispatch () from /usr/lib/libevent-1.1a.so.1
#15 0x08088ba7 in tor_main (argc=1, argv=0xbffffdd4) at main.c:1179
#16 0x080a52e2 in main (argc=Cannot access memory at address 0x20fb
) at tor_main.c:22
#17 0x401dceb0 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/tls/libc.so.6
#18 0x0804c591 in _start () at ../sysdeps/i386/elf/start.S:119

This is still Tor v0.1.1.21.

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